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Automate Administrative Commiunications

Caretalk is an AI call center agent for healthcare that holds long human-like conversations, schedules appointments, confirms referrals, and more without human involvement.

Next-Gen Technology

Infinitely Scalable

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Transforming Healthcare with AI

Caretalk is a revolutionary AI call center agent for healthcare that transforms the way patients interact with healthcare providers. Our innovative technology allows for long human-like conversations, appointment scheduling, referral confirmations, and much more, all without any human involvement.


Why Caretalk?

An ultimately flexible solution for healthcare providers to enhance patient care, streamline administrative processes, and increase operational efficiency.

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Seamless Integration

Seamlessly and securely connects to most popular EHR solutions – on-premise and in the cloud.


Faster, Always Available

Unlike human agents, Caretalk looks up information and performs actions within seconds. It also doesn't take lunch breaks.


Advanced Data Controls

Built for HIPAA-compliant organizations, using advanced data protections and unique internal protocols.


Unltimate Cost-Efficiency

Saves healthcare organizations up to $45,900/year per call center representative in the United States.

Revolutionize Healthcare with Caretalk

Caretalk's AI-powered call center agent is the future of healthcare. Our innovative technology transforms the way patients and healthcare providers interact, allowing for seamless communication and enhanced patient care.

AI Call Center Agent

Seamless Communication

Enhanced Patient Care

Enterprise Call Center Automation

Developed by DDN

Built by Design Develop Now, a technology agency, Caretalk provides custom call center automation solutions for large healthcare organizations.

Transform your healthcare organization with Caretalk's AI-powered call center agent. Sign up today to learn more.

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